Drones. Capable. Smart.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for civilian use that are highly sophisticated and unsurpassed in the benefit they deliver.

Search and Rescue

On land or at sea the UAS can be used to quickly locate those in need using smart sensing. Search and rescue operations by police, fire and rescue, coastguard, lifeboat and mountain rescue organisations can benefit from autonomous drones.

First responders

Drone can be rapidly deployed in an incident to provide visibility and search for people on the ground or in the water.


Sophisticated and capable all-weather platform for surveying, inspection, logistics and communications. Payloads comprising high resolution visible light cameras (50MP), thermal imaging sensors, LIDAR and radio comms equipment can be flown.

We develop autonomous and manual systems that are intended for organisations throughout the world to use in order to help people and communities. Where possible systems are developed and manufactured in-house. This includes software development of our advanced flight controller, mission planning and C2 software, research work, payload development and integration, flight testing and overall system testing.

Disclaimer: The UAS is in development at the present time and not all aspects described above may be present in systems produced. Local regulations may prohibit the use of the UAS in the way we have described.