• Guardian S-HM Drone Development

    (Search Hexacopter Manual/Automatic) It’s time to provide a sneak peak into the latest work on the development of our drones.  The current focus is on a hexacopter (6 motors) design that carries a payload for finding people through detecting mobile signals and visual sighting, is capable of all-weather operation (within limits), reports back via satellite to […]

  • PerceptiveUAS “Guardian” Autonomous Search Drone

    This video describes the PerceptiveUAS “Guardian” autonomous drone and its use in search and rescue. The drone is a quadcopter UAV equipped with a femtocell/small cell for locating people in remote areas using their mobile phones.

  • Finding People in Remote Areas Using Drones and Phones

    When there is urgency in finding a person who may be lost or possibly injured in a remote area then it is important that the search for them is efficient, accurate and fast. Technology can help achieve this through the use of a drone (or multiple drones) to search a large area, coupled with mobile communications and […]

  • Design Takes Form

    The first images of the first UAV design from PerceptiveUAS have today been released. This is also the eve of the delivery of the first full-size 3D printed parts of the design (“UAV11”), a UAV design that is focused on searching for people in remote areas and intended for use by civilian search and rescue (SAR) […]

UASCommander firmware update June 2017

UASCommander prototype demonstration

Guardian S-class drone introduction