Our UAS has primarily been developed to help people and communities in the public safety role.  We firmly believe that when technology is applied well it can save lives and help keep people out of harms way.  Drones can also be applied to commercial uses where they can create new opportunities or where they are more economical, faster, safer, better for the environment or convenient that existing methods.


Search and Rescue

PageLines-20111211-254.jpgOn land or at sea the Guardian S-class (“search”) drone can be used to locate those in need. The system’s suite of sensors can be employed in the search mission and realtime information provided back to the controller. The system will autonomously search out those who may be missing or injured and determine when it has found them or possible sightings of them. The capability of our UAS is such that it can be used in a wide range of situations and conditions by Police, Fire & Rescue, RNLI, Coastguard and Mountain Rescue.

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Safe communities

PageLines-Screen-Shot-2015-03-12-at-00.40.16.jpgThe Guardian V-class (“video”) drone can be used by Police to remotely monitor activities on the ground for long durations where endurance is required. By doing so crimes can more easily be prevented and solved, helping to keep communities safe.

First responders

In the event of an emergency the Guardian V-class drone, equipped with visual and thermal imaging cameras, can immediately and rapidly be deployed by Police or Fire & Rescue to allow incident managers to receive realtime information that allows them to more effectively direct their response. This extends to monitoring the incident throughout.

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Emergency communications

The Guardian C-class drone can be used to put in place initial emergency communications wherever required or where no means of reliable communication is available. The drone provides a communications relay between team members on the ground and a link to satellite networks.


The UAS can be used to perform a function where it is more economical, practical and/or safer to use a drone. Drones can be equipped with payloads suitable for a variety of tasks and their work carried out with minimal human intervention.

  • Inspection
  • Survey
  • Logistics
  • Communications

The Guardian S-class, V-class and C-class are suited to a range of commercial uses in their standard configurations or can be modified to suit.