Expected missions: supporting mountain rescue organisations; supporting HM Coastguard and the RNLI

PageLines-20111211-254.jpgOn land or at sea the Guardian S-class (“search”) drone can be used to locate those in need. The system’s suite of sensors can be employed in the search mission and realtime information provided back to the controller. The system will autonomously search out those who may be missing or injured and determine when it has found them or possible sightings of them.

When multiple vehicles are used as part of the search mission, they can work together to more effectively complete the mission.

Scenario: Locate individual in a remote area

The drone is equipped with a miniature mobile base station and four cameras: two high resolution visible light cameras (forward facing and rear facing), a visible light anomaly camera and a thermal imaging camera. Operating in autonomous mode the drone can determine the best flight path in order to search a defined area to locate the individual. Locating the individual can be accomplished by activity and colour differences picked-up by the visible light anomaly camera or heat signature picked-up by the thermal imaging camera and mobile telephone activity between the individual’s mobile and the onboard miniature mobile base station (UASMobileCell payload).

cap-5-dirstartThe mobile base station is used to create a small area of mobile coverage, typically where none exists, for the purpose of eliciting any mobile telephone in the immediate vicinity to initiate a transmission that would then enable the individual to be located. Additionally, if the drone received a communication from the individual’s mobile telephone then it could automatically send an SMS text message to the mobile indicating that they are being searched for and that the search team has been notified of their approximate location. Any message received from the mobile telephone could also be relayed by the drone back to the controller and, subject to communications capability, the vehicle could be used to relay voice communications between the individual and the controller or a search team member in the vicinity.


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Search Mobile Locator / SAR Mobile Locator

The payload of the Guardian S-class drone has been developed into a handheld unit that search teams can use on the ground as they move through the search area. In the Guardian S-class drone similar hardware is used as part of the payload of the drone to enable the drone to locate mobiles on the ground as it flies through the search area.